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Осмотр оборудования
  • Roundness Measuring Machine
    The cylinder hole and crankshaft hole are two key parts of the engine block ; their roundness, cylindricity, parallelism, straightness, coaxiality, etc. significantly effect the performance of the engine. The roundness measuring machine that imported from Japan adopts high precision pressure-feed air bearing and can realize automatic measurement, automatic multiplying power calibration, automatic eccentricity correction …
  • Three Dimensional Measuring Machine (CMM)
    The good assembly performance of an engine comes from precise position dimension of various spatial holes and surfaces of the cylinder, which cannot be separated from a high precision three dimensional measuring machine. Zheng Heng has 6 high precision three dimensional measuring machines from famous domestic and foreign brands, such as ACCRETECH, hexagon, etc. Their maximum precision is up to 1.8+3.3L/1000μm, which effectively ensures the measureme…
  • Video-endoscope
    The cylinder has numerous fine, long and narrow pore canals. With VUCAM XO, a fully touch-screen, hand-held video-endoscope which manufactured by viZaar from Germany, the various defects can be easily found!
  • Profile and Roughness Machine
    Mahr from Germany is a world’s famous test instrument manufacturer. The Mahr XCR20 Profile and Roughness Tester purchased by Zheng Heng can test the surface roughness and profile concurrently. The micro-parameters, such as Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Vo, Mr1, Mr2, etc., of the cylinder hole after honing can be tested. The size and angle of a chamfer, height and form of thread, etc. can also be tested macroscopically with the profile function of the tester.
  • Particle Analyzer
    The cleanliness of the cylinder influences directly the performance of the engine. At present, the customers not only put limitation on the weight of impurities that influences the cleanliness, but also requires controlling the particle size of impurities. Zheng Heng’s particle analyzer adoptes branded instrument of China. It analyzes and measures particle sizes accurately through special measurement software, thus it can effectively meet customer requirements.